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Updated: Nov 13, 2021



The inception and birth of Joyful Praise Church International started with God

giving the Founder and First Pastor, Dr. John F. Williams a spiritual urgency with a

visionary purpose and plan to step out on faith believing God, “Get Up and Go

and Don’t Look Back!” Joyful Praise started with four faith walkers: Dr. John F.

Williams, his wife (Tinette) Williams, his daughter (La’Shyria Williams) and his

daughter’s best friend (Tasha White) after great discussion and deep thought the

name Joyful Praise Church International became a reality. The church name, logo,

mission and vision statement were discussed and after careful consideration with

much prayer adopted as the official representation of said name, Joyful Praise

Church International, Incorporated.

The Founder/First Pastor immediately started praying to God for a place to

worship. Pastor Williams started contacting various schools, small businesses,

vacant buildings and hotels. On the third day, God blessed Joyful Praise with an

ideal place to worship and grow until God would speak again. The first worship

place would be The Ramada Plaza Atlanta Capitol Hotel, 450 Capitol Avenue S.E.,

Atlanta, GA 30312.

The Founder and First Pastor, Dr. John F. Williams and several concerned prayer

warriors and friends met with Dr. John F. Williams to organize a Bible Study Class

and prepare for the First Worship Service. Organizational meetings were held at

the Piccadilly, South Dekalb Mall Decatur, Georgia. At those meetings, Joyful

Praise Church International was organized and incorporated on November 4 th ,

2015. Joyful Praise had thirty members walking by faith, organized in such a way

that it seemed as if the church had been operational for a long time. The church

had its first Website, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram and social media ministry

already functioning by the first service.

Joyful Praise Church International held its First Inaugural Service on Sunday,

December 6 th , 2015 at our first place of worship, the Ramada Plaza Atlanta Capitol

Park Hotel Theater Ball Room, Downtown Atlanta, GA. The first service was Holy Spirit

lead with over two hundred in attendance; seventy persons came down the

aisle and sixty persons united as new members of Joyful Praise Church

International. Bible Study was initially held at the Ramada Plaza Capitol Hotel for a

while, but after much consideration was moved to Piccadilly South Dekalb Mall

once a month. After one year of great spiritual, numerical and financial growth;

God spoke again and Joyful Praise Church International moved on February 2,

2017 to their new church home; a 5 ½ acres campus at 3248 Old Jones Road,

Ellenwood GA 30294. Joyful Praise Church International purchased the property

on October 4, 2019. December 2020, Joyful Praise Church International added a

new administration building and completed a major renovation make-over inside

and outside of campus.

Joyful Praise Church International Ministry continues move onward and upward in the Lord with Home and Foreign Missions, T.V. Ministry, Satellite High School and College Programs and (In the Word) Christian Education/Leadership Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.

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