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Our Ministries

  • Christian Education Ministry: Exists to combat biblical immaturity through the in-depth study of God’s Word and assist each believer in his or her Christian growth. The following teaching ministries are available under the umbrella of the Christian Education Ministry: Bible Study, Life Study Class (Sunday-School), Discipleship, Evangelism and Stewardship workshops; Leadership Training, Teachers training, Vacation Bibl​e School, and Youth Church. II Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to show thy-self approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

  • Music Ministry: Music along with Praise & Worship has a long history of uplifting spirits, and reverence we have for Jesus Christ. In song, we joyfully declare our passion and honor to God by lifting our voices for all to hear. The music ministry desire is to provide a dynamic musical environment before, during and following services. We invite you to come and be a part of this ministry and the evolving choirs that are forth coming.

  • Praise Dance & Arts Ministry: Praise and worship is not only about hearing the message from God but an outward expression of our reverence for His work in our life. This reverence can be shown in many forms including praise dance of all age groups, male and female, which is an interpretation of the joy and gratitude found in our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • Ushers/Greeters Ministry: The work of the church ushers is to uphold a sacred environment. This ministry is found in Psalms 84:10. Greeters are the first faces you will see when you enter into worship.  Gentle smiles that warm your heart for Higher Praise worship experience.  Greeters are stationed from the parking lot to the sanctuary.

  • Men of Destiny Ministry: The Men’s Ministry stands in the gap as fathers and mentors for the children and youth who are troubled and lost in society. Giving back by giving their time, talents, resources and life experiences shared with men and boys can be transforming and life changing in their Christian walk in the Lord.

  • Women’s Ministry: The women’s ministry is devoting excellence service in revitalizing esteem. There are women from all walks of life who have been victimized whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The women’s ministry stands in the gap to assist girls and women to restore their self-esteem and to encourage each other. The ministry strives to serve the community and uplift those who have been broken by life circumstances. 

  • K.I.D.S. (KNOW, INSPIRE, DISCIPLE, AND SHARE) FOR THE KINGDOM MINISTRY:             (Children &Youth) Jesus loves young people and so do we! Whether we are gathering them together for their specific worship services (preparing our children and youth for Jr. High and High School), directing them to age-appropriate Bible Study classes, encouraging them to serve the church and others, organizing fun and meaningful events, or equipping their parents on how to bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Our goal remains the same: To lead them to know and grow in Christ. 

  • P.O.W.E.R. YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY (PRAYER, OPENESS, WORSHIP, EDIFY, RECONCIATION): Our desire, as a church, is to help young adults grow in their relationship with God through Christ, in the Holy Spirit, and according to the Bible; connect to other young adults, engage in small groups using power to grow, support and share the challenges; yet encourage each other to be obedient and discipline in Christ.

  • W.A.I.T. (ADULT) MINISTRY: The Adult Ministry is designed to enhance our Christian journey as adults in the middle point of family life, careers, social life, and mid-life crisis.  This ministry is designed to deepen the study of God’s Word, build stronger relationships with others and strengthen our faith through Bible Study, fellowship, activities, ad ministry to serve others. Watch-God work in His ways; Ask-God about His purpose; Invite-God to Work in your heart; and Trust-God to fulfill His plans for your life.  

  • S.O.S. (SENIOR) ADULT MINISTRY (SEASON, OVERCOMER, SAINTS): Focuses on the pioneers that have endured the journey of life. The Seniors Ministry has events and activities designed to bring enjoyment and pleasure to the lives of our seniors while fostering a sense of self- worth. From field trips to fun monthly activities, luncheons, breakfasts; the seniors Ministry knows that they are loved and appreciated.

  • Health Ministry: The Health Ministry is composed of dedicated members who are compassionate, willing to do good and comfort others. They are knowledgeable is providing health services. The services provided are first aid, nursing care during church services/activities with the exception of administering medicine. Also provided will be wellness education and screenings such as blood pressure. It is the goal of the Health Ministry to promote health and wellness within the congregation and community through prevention and education.    

  • Hospitality Ministry: The Hospitality Ministry is responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere for both our members and guests of Joyful Praise church International. They express the love of Christ to all who enters into fellowship with the Body of Christ. 

  • Pulpit Ministry: The Pulpit Ministry in conjunction with the Health Ministry/Nurses is responsible for the supplying of water, juices, towels, or any other supplies that the pastor or ministers are in want of while occupying the pulpit. This ministry is also responsible for the care of the Pastor and should be available to assist him upon request during any service.

  • Food/Cafeteria Ministry: The Food/Cafeteria Ministry is responsible for assisting the ministries of the church with dinner or refreshments when served in conjunction with a service held at the church, including funerals. It is the responsibility of this ministry to make sure that there is a full serving staff; and to cleanup of the facility after each event. This group also makes certain that the kitchen is fully stocked with supplies needed for the upkeep of the cafeteria area.  

  • Transportation Ministry: The Transportation Ministry provides needed transportation for members as well as for other individuals in our community who desire to worship and fellowship with us during mid-week and Sunday services. Transportation is provided to and from the church services or any church related activity in which there is a designated need. Drivers transport passengers to the church for mid-week services and Sunday services and return them to their perspective homes after services.  

  • Mission Ministry: The Mission Ministry is an Outreach Ministry designed to serve and meet the needs of those spiritually lost. The Mission’s primary goal is to spread the Word of God abroad while meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of our brothers and sisters. The main focus of this ministry is to continue working in the community feeding the hungry, clothing those in need, but even more importantly feeding the word of God to all those we meet with love, patience and humility.

  • Media & Technology Ministry: Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ or what is referenced to as the Great Commission to the 12 Disciples requires putting our faith to work using any and every available medium. In the New Testament know the Apostle Peter used letters as a way of communicating with fellow Believers around Asia and the Mediterranean. Today technology has replaced letters and is a powerful tool in spreading the Gospel of Christ and fellowship with other believers. Through the utilization of social media, local and national Radio/TV; Joyful Praise Church International will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. These media platforms/outlets will allow us to spread the word of God throughout the nation and around the world. Please follow us as we transcend our ministry.

  • Website Ministry: The Website Ministry is responsible for developing, maintaining and updating the church’s website and administering member account information.                   

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